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Bell&Ross BR03-92 ceramic diver

Bell&Ross BR03-92 Illustration

This is a realistic vector drawing made on Illustrator from the Bell&Ross BR03-92 ceramic diver made for a catalog plus hands variant. Website

In addition to Yogosha brand redesign I've been commissioned to rebuilt their website from the ground up. The technical stack is composed of Wordpress, Roots/Bedrock, php Composer, docker, php and Ecmascript custom development. The Yogosha corporate website lies at the crossroad of two apparently antithetic worlds: Hackers and Companies. The...

Hunter Games @ GISEC UAE

Yogosha had been charged of the organisation of GISEC 2022 hunter games. We were commissioned to produce a motion graphic introducing for event.


YesWeHack is a market-leading Bug Bounty platform. They created a hacker community event called "Hack Me I'm Famous" We were commissioned to create the event logo, visual identity, a motion design and a micro website for the event. See the micro-website

Yogosha Visual Identity

I've been challenged to redesign the Yogosha brand. Yogosha is a proeminent international Bug Bounty operation center. Their field of expertise is cybersecurity and companies cyber risk management. 1- ようごしゃ (Yōgo-sha) The yogosha brand name comes from a japanese word meaning either ADVOCATE or DEFENDER. Hence the yogosha brand could...
Parcours Bijoux Paris 2023

Logo Parcours Bijoux

Parcours Bijoux is the reference triennial Contemporary Jewelry event in Paris. I have been mandated to redesign their logo.

DAEMONS.SH logo & website is a side e-commerce project where I design and created a gear collection for hackers More design are added when I get enough time to do so. Enter Daemons
Bug Bounty Logo


A banner for an underground nation Bug bounty Hunters are "the good guys" working behind the scene to uncover vulnerabilities. They are lone independant cow-boys of the cyber security far-west. They work for bounties but do good. I created this banner while working for YesWeHack as Hackers growth partner, willing...
The Pwning Machine

The Pwning Machine

The Pwning Machine is an open source exploitation tool for bug bounty hunters created by YesWeHack and @BitK_ I have been asked to produce a logo for the tool, with a constraint: "Make it look like the Scooby-Doo van" - here is the result ;)

Tips & Drink logo

YesWeHack organized hackers IRL meet around a simple concept: share a hacker tip, get a drink. I have been asked to create a logo for the event.