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Parcours Bijoux 2023

Parcours Bijoux 2023
Parcours Bijoux 2023

Parcours Bijoux is THE triennal contemporary jewellery event in Paris.

It is a wide-open panorama of contemporary French and international jewelry, a rare opportunity for the public and professionals alike to immerse themselves in this rich and abundant universe, scattered across various venues in the capital.

We were tasked to realize their website, and adapt UI to an already-made event print visual identity ( the “gems” ).
The Parcours Bijoux splash screen & print visual identity courtesy of Thomas Clot

The two main challenges were crafting a navigational map where every event compositing the Parcours Bijoux could be navigated easily, and a dynamic timeline of events where a global panorama of events schedule could be found.

Each point on the map is linked to the other with delaunay triangulation paths. They allow the user to literally follow paths scrolling the maps to the next event, making it the main website navigation interface from event to event.

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