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Near the end of year 2008, Free, an iconic french ISP, was on the verge of releasing their 6th set-top box iteration.
Various rumours and speculations were spreading online on their user community websites.

The Freebox engineers were working hard, in a secretive, closed building story to create a product that would eventually proved to be a REVOLUTION.

I didn’t have seen any mock-up of the real project, but I decided it would be fun to design my very own Freebox.

The purpose was to tickle the fans engagement: everyone was waiting for the new Freebox, but the project was taking much more time than planned.

This innocent move spread at massive scale, upon the release of the viral image, everybody began to talk online about that new prototype as if it was real.

No harm had been done to the Free brand, on the contrary, the community generated a vivid engagement and expectation for the upcoming new Freebox Revolution.

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